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Water Softener Reviews - The Evoclear Choice

Water Softener Review

According to many water softener reviews, a lot of people don’t think twice about filtering their water. Many people, in fact, are content with drinking tap water or spending money on pre-filtered bottled water. If they’re not drinking water, they’re fine with using water that flows through their plumbing as-is for various tasks around the home.

Many home plumbing systems are susceptible to hard water build up, which can impede the way water flows throughout their plumbing. Thanks to this, many people are left searching for something out there to help improve the condition of their home water system.

Water Softener Reviews - The Evoclear Choice

The EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener is a product that provides a considerable solution to the problems found in homes with hard water. Using a water softener system like EvoClear’s helps remove harmful minerals from the water, which can prevent hard water and scale build up that can occur within plumbing, faucets and even drains.

The best thing about the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener is that it’s environmentally safe, uses no valuable electricity and doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever.


There are many benefits to owning a true water softener system that doesn’t use any salt. The use of salt in water softener can actually impede the water softening and filtration process. As a result, it can actually remove important vitamins and minerals that reside in regular tap water—that we need to fortify our bodies.

EvoClear doesn’t use salt in their available water softening and filtration systems for those reasons—and may more. That’s why they’re proud to present their Salt Free Water Softener, in addition to their other products, to their current and prospective customers.

That said, the EvoClear Salt-Free Water Softener holds plenty of benefits. As mentioned, the device can remove existing hardness from water and prevent scale deposits from forming. As a result, it produces naturally soft water for use within the entire home.

It’s also easy to clean, as it requires no maintenance. Since users don’t have to purchase special salts to use alongside the product, the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener saves them money on water softening products in the long run or, in other words, it pays for itself.

Also, this water softening device doesn’t add any harmful chemicals to water, making the water much safer to consume and use after its properly conditioned by the device. As it doesn’t leave conditioned water with a ‘slippery’ feel, all of the ‘good minerals’ are left in, leaving the water as fortified as it was before the conditioning started.

With a product that does such a good job at removing scale and its subsequent build up, it removes scale from hard water that makes dishes scratch themselves in the dishwasher, particularly dishes made of materials like glass. Hard water can actually leave behind miniscule deposits that run over dishes, causing them to scratch each other when loaded in a dishwasher or even in a sink.

To top off the benefits of the EvoClear Salt Water Softener, as seen in many water softener reviews, this device also helps remove the accumulation of soap scum on shower doors, in addition to calcium build up on appliances, shower heads and faucets.


The prospect of purchasing a water softening system, let alone a salt free water softener system, isn’t something that a lot of consumers think about. Though, EvoClear has changed the way people look at water softeners, as their simple to use water softening systems make installing and managing the devices easier than other devices have tried in the past.

A lot of customers, in fact, consider the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener a ‘great investment.’ Other water softeners might end up wasting more water than preserving water; in addition, the prospect of using a salt water softener can potentially waste a consumer money and not provide much in the way of results.

The EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener comes with a sediment pre-filter system, in addition to its mounting bracket, screws and filter wrench. The package also includes fitting and bypass valves (1 inch in size) and pre-loaded EvoClear media for a hassle-free installation.

If you’re wondering if there’s a help guide, you’re in luck. There’s an easy to follow installation guide included with the package—and if you need more help, every customer has access to a lifetime customer support number from EvoClear.

The next time you’re looking through water softener reviews, stop and look right at the EvoClear Salt Free water softener. It might just be the device that you’re looking to buy.

Water Softener Reviews - The Evoclear Choice

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