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What Are The Best Water Softener Systems Out There?

Best Water Softener Systems

A lot of people don’t realize it, but their home might have hard water running through its plumbing system. Hard water is known as water that contains a high amount of minerals. To reduce the amount of minerals in this water, many people turn to the best water softener systems to handle the job. Though, we’re look at more on one of the best water softener systems later.

Although this type of water has a high concentration of minerals, it’s actually considered safe for people to drink. The main problem with hard water lies in how it causes mineral and scale deposits to accumulate over time, thanks to the high amount of mineral content within the water itself.

This issue can cause different types of plumbing, boilers, cooling systems and other types of water-handling equipment to break down over time. You can actually find out if your water is hard water by seeing how soap reacts to it; if the soap doesn’t properly lather when it’s agitated in that water, that water is most likely hard water.

Even though you can go on using hard water, you still have to worry about the prospect of scale and mineral deposits developing in your plumbing and other water-related equipment around that resides around your home.

What Are The Best Water Softener Systems Out There?

Water softener systems like the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener takes a decidedly salt free approach to softening hard water—and making it much safer for your indoor and outdoor plumbing to prosper.

How Does It Work?

The EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener works as an environmentally focused water softener system, since it doesn’t use salt to operate. This helps it work more efficiently than salt-based water softeners, while ensuring that it continuously preserves the environment within the home and outdoors.

This is further exemplified by EvoClear’s decision to not sell any salt-based water softeners. Thanks to how the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener treats water, all of the essential minerals found in water are retained after purification.

The EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener is also designed to ‘last a lifetime,’ a guarantee that’s backed by their efficiently and resiliently designed valves, heads and tanks. Users, according to EvoClear, will ‘never have to replace a tank, valve or reinstall an entire new system.’ If the Salt Free media within the tank does reach its capacity, EvoClear advises to simply replace it with brand new media.

So, how does it work?

In the first stage, water filters through its 5-micron sediment pre-filter. This blue sediment pre-filter is designed to filter out any sand, silt or dirt that resides within your water. As one of the best water softener systems, it ultimately helps extend the life of the salt free media in the tank and any appliances around the home. EvoClear recommends replacing this filter after at least three months of continuing use.

In the second stage, the WaterGuard Media within the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener will extract and remove harmful disintegrated lime from the water, using a process known as epitaxial crystallization. This process essentially ‘accelerates’ the natural ability of dissolved lime – crystallization – by stopping the lime from crystallizing and attaching itself to surfaces like the interiors of pipes.

In the third stage, the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener ejects the lime into the water as activated lime, a stabilized crystal form of the deposit.

After the activated lime crystals accumulate and grow large, the WaterGuard Control Media surface removes these crystals from its system through the natural flow of water. This allows the system to support newer activated crystals after the old are dispensed. When the water dries, the crystal residue can be wiped off without using cleaners.

In the last stage, the activated crystals produced by the media essentially help remove already existing scale, while preventing new scale from forming. The calcium carbonate in the existing scale will eventually start traveling from low areas of the surfaces of various plumbing, moving to the high surfaces of all the crystals residing within the solution.

With the large concentration of microscopic crystals in that particular area, it causes the already existing lime scale to become eradicated from the surface of plumbing, keeping them free of any lime with a thin protective surface left behind.


The EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener is guaranteed to help reduce the effects of lime and scale build up in various plumbing and water-related appliances around the home. With a system that’s guaranteed to keep water free of hard lime and scale for up to a year, the EvoClear Salt Free Water Softener is rightfully considered one of the best water softener systems in today’s market.

What Are The Best Water Softener Systems Out There?

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