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Choosing the Best Home Water Filter

Water is an important part of everyday living, and you want to make sure you have the cleanest water available for your needs.  When choosing the best house water filter, there are some things to keep in mind.

Choosing The Right House Water Filter

What is a Whole Home Water Filtration System?

A house filter system is designed to trap and eliminate the different chemicals and contaminates that are found in our water.  Even though municipal water companies try to limit the amount of dangerous chemicals in our water, they are not always successful.  This can result in cloudy, strong smelling drinking water that is not nearly as safe as we would like to think.

Choosing The Right House Water Filter

Home water systems like the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter attacks the problem right at the source, which is the main water line entering your home.  These types of whole home water filtration systems clear the water of harmful chemicals and contaminates, including lime scale, before it ever reaches your faucets or appliances.  This results in longer-lasting appliances that are not broken down by hard water, as well as high quality drinking water that is 100% free of additives, chemicals, and other contaminates.

Whole House Systems vs. Faucet Filters

There are a wide range of filtration systems available, including those that simply attach to your faucets.  These units may provide some assistance in removing harmful impurities in your water, but they require monitoring to ensure that the units are replaced when the filter is no longer able to filter the water properly.  While these units provide you with a few weeks of purer water, they do nothing to help protect your washers, hot water heaters, and other water using appliances.  A whole house system, however, provides with bottled water quality water directly from your tap, and protects those expensive appliances as well.  Another significant difference in these systems is that the house water filter does not need to be replaced every few weeks.  These filters use a vortex style tank that ensures that the filtration remains consistent.

Choosing a House Water Filter System

There are many different types of water filtering systems available, which can make choosing the best one rather difficult.  In order to choose the best system for your needs, you need to understand what a carbon filter system does.  Many people deal with water that is considered hard, meaning that it has higher amounts of magnesium and calcium.  While these minerals are important for our health, too much of them can cause serious issues with your plumbing.  While there are salt water systems available to help with this issue, they also add more sodium to the water.  When you choose a carbon filter, you are able to eliminate excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium, without adding harmful sodium to your water.

Water contains chlorine and other chemicals, which affects the smell and taste of your water.  Carbon filters trap these harmful contaminants, leaving you with water that safe, healthy, and odor and taste free.  These water filter house systems allow every bit of water that enters your home to go through the filtration process, which means you will be protecting your family’s health, and your appliances with a single system.

Lifetime House Water Filters

When choosing the best house water filtration system, you want something that is efficient, yet is also cost effective.  The carbon filter system for your home is created to provide you with a lifetime of good, clean water.  While you will need to replace the carbon media inside of the tanks periodically, you will never have to worry about the additional costs of replacing valves or tanks.  These systems are designed to provide you with ease of use, and save you money, so you can spend more time thinking about other things.  Once a system like the EvoClear water system is installed, you will no longer need to try to remember to change filters every few weeks, and your home will finally have the clean water you want.

If you are ready for a house water filter that will allow you to save money, and not require frequent filter changes, the Evoclear system is a great option for all of your water concerns.

Choosing The Right House Water Filter

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