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EvoClear Water – EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo Review

Home Water Filtration Systems Review

There are many homes across the country with hard water running through their plumbing, a type of water harboring a high amount of minerals. The high mineral deposits in this water causes a lot of homes to require home water filtration systems to purify the water flowing through their plumbing.

Hard water leads to mineral deposits, as the miniscule particles have a tendency to build up within plumbing and other water-handing appliances over time. This actually impedes the aforementioned, stopping them from properly operating.

Sometimes, hard water can contain contaminants that are hard to remove without a special carbon-based water filter for home. These home water filter systems help remove contaminants from water that are too small to be removed with standard water filters for home, producing water that’s purified enough to use on a regular basis.

Home Water Filtration Systems Review

To remove hard water deposits and contamination from water, most homeowners have to invest in both of the aforementioned devices. That can cost a lot of money if they’re not careful about reading information about water filter systems for home.

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo eliminates this issue by providing both home water filters in one package, ensuring customers a simpler way to remove contaminants and mineral deposits from the water in their homes.


The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo combines the best of the Salt Free Water Softener and the EvoClear Carbon Filter to produce a device that keeps water purified and free of harmful mineral deposits. This water filters home combination system like this one might sound like one of the most expensive home water purification system on today’s market, but it actually isn’t.

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo costs less than $2,000 USD. That investment can go a long way in preventing you from spending money on soap, bottled water and even plumbing repairs.

This home water filtration system works to remove scale and lime build up, contaminants and prevents future hard water build up within your home’s plumbing. The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo ultimately works to provide you and your family with the ‘cleanest drinking water at every tap’ with their water filtration products.

What does this home water filtration system remove from your water? As one of the best home water filtration systems, the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo will remove bad tastes, chlorine, chloramine, bad odors, pesticides, industrial pollutants and more.

How Does It Work?

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo works much like their other water filtration systems for home. It places an emphasis on thoroughly filtering water through a multi-step system that’s designed to produce water that’s purified as possible.

In stage one, the water filters through the device’s 5-micron sediment pre-filter. It’s designed to reduce the occurrence of sand, dirt or silt that might reside within your water, a system that ultimately helps extend the life of the device and your appliances. You can easily change the replaceable blue filter in about one minute, using the included tools provided with the system. EvoClear recommends to replace this filter three months after continuous use.

In stage two and stage three, the water enters the main large tank; within the tank, the granular media (Granular Activated Carbon) helps finely filter out harmful contaminants. The filters used by EvoMedia are always pre-loaded with the finest blend of high grade coconut shell activated carbon, typically blended to match customer location needs.

In stage four and five, the Salt Free Water Softener component returns the filtered lime back to the water as stabilized crystals of activated lime. When the crystals become large enough in size, they flow out of the WaterGuard Control media surface, allowing newly accumulated crystals to grow in place.

These crystals essentially stabilize and stop causing scaling and lime deposits to develop on the surfaces of pipes. Following that, the crystals remove already existing scale from piping surfaces, preventing the formation of new deposits.

As a result, the calcium carbonate within the scale will eventually flow into the high surface area of the crystals suspended in the solution and cause the removal of that same lime and scale build up while leaving a thin protective surface behind.


The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo was designed to be the ‘ultimate solution’ to most issues associated with the water in the country.

As perhaps the main solution to resolving whole house water issues in the country, this home water filtration device is designed to address both lime, scale and water contaminants without having to make homeowners rely on other separate home water filtration systems.

Home Water Filtration Systems Review

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