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Home Water Purification Overview

Home Water Purification - The Right Choice For Your Home

Although people have access to drinking water across the country, some areas don’t have drinking water that’s purified enough for regular drinking or use around the home. The aforementioned areas typically have a higher concentration of homes with hard water and/or contaminated water flowing throughout their water supply. To remedy this, homeowners need to buy home water purification products purify the water flowing through their homes.

A home water purifying system can remove harmful contaminants from tap water, in addition to potentially making water much safer to drink. Water softeners, on the other hand, remove sediment from water, preventing minerals like lime and scale from accumulating in plumbing and water-handling appliances around the home.

Home Water Purification - The Right Choice For Your Home

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo is a type of water purifier that removes both of the aforementioned from tap water. Instead of relying on a separate products, EvoClear combined both of their best selling products to bring customers a single water purifying system that can clear their water of harmful elements.


According to many reviews, the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo is one of many EvoClear products that places an emphasis on ‘finding a way to treat the water within our environment without harming the environment in the process.’ Other water purifiers on the market can actually create detrimental effects to the environment and waste valuable resources around the home.

Thanks to that, EvoClear remains committed to providing water purifiers without the negative impact that other water purifier systems might cause during the process of water purifying. All EvoClear products, including the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo, are Certified Green for customers, their families and the environment.

Part of their commitment to the environment involves completely avoiding the use of salt in their home water purifier products. Since their own in-house team made the decision to avoid selling salt-based tap water purifier systems, EvoClear has continued to promote water filters and purifiers that are 100 percent environmentally focused and safe to use.

Their Salt Free Water Softener also preserves the essential minerals in water that other water purifying systems take out. Many water purifier reviews, in fact, typically cover this phenomenon, since those minerals are essential in maintaining our health. The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo doesn’t use salt or harmful brine that can become discharged into the environment while purifying the water.

At one of the best home water purification products on the market, the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo keeps in all essential minerals while keeping all the harmful parts out of your drinking water.

An In-Depth Look

The salt free stance that EvoClear takes isn’t the only environmentally friendly aspect about their EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo. This product actually uses no electricity—that’s right, no electricity is needed to operate this water purifying system.

Thanks to its innovate up-flow design, the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo doesn’t need an electronic head to backwash water. The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo uses no electric power hookups, so you don’t need to position this water filter anywhere near an outlet.

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo combines the Whole House Carbon Filter with the Salt Free Water Softener. With the both systems combined together, it produces a ‘premium whole house water solution that helps get rid of limescale build up, while filtering out harmful water contaminants at the same time.’

Within the system itself is a blue housing filter, a filter that removes sand and other sediments from water before its treated within the media.

By performing this, it helps extend the life of the carbon media—while keeping that harmful sediment out of our bodies. EvoClear actually provides four complementary sediment filters with every purchase of their water filtration systems, so customers will never go without a filter to refine their water purifiers.

The carbon media also helps the salt free water softener last longer. By pre-treating the water before its softened, the salt free water softener doesn’t have to work as hard as it would without the carbon filter supporting it.


People who need a product that will help clean their water of contaminants like chlorine, bad tastes and odors can benefit from the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo—likewise if they have hard water flowing throughout their water supply. The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo was ultimately designed to become the ultimate home water purification system for providing ‘an ultimate solution to water issues around the country.’

Home Water Purification - The Right Choice For Your Home

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