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The Best Water Filter For Your Home

Best Water Filter Overview

There are many homes that might have lower quality water flowing throughout their water supply—and they might not even know it. The homeowners that do know that their water isn’t the best quality use some of the best water filter products to alleviate the issue. Sometimes, these products aren’t enough to bring more quality water into their household.

Both hard water and contaminant-filled water cause plenty of issues for homes, especially if the home is connected to a water supply where its quality is out of their control.

Hard water can cause mineral particles to build up, preventing plumbing and water-handing appliances from properly working around the home. Contaminated water is just as it’s implied—water that can harbor dangerous elements that can make people sick by using or drinking it.

To fix the trouble with the aforementioned, products like the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo exist. The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo works to eliminate both hard water and contaminants from a home’s water supply, making this one of the best water filters for home that anyone could buy.

The Best Water Filter For Your Home

Instead of only relying on one system, EvoClear combined both of their best-selling water filtration systems to create a single product. This allows homeowners to take advantage of water filtration without having to get two separate products at once, saving them money as a result.


To achieve the characteristic filtration that the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo performs, EvoClear uses ‘finely blended carbon’ to get the best quality water possible as it passes through its filtration media. It also makes water taste better, while keeping it fortified with the minerals that are actually in untreated tap water.

With their special carbon blend, EvoClear is able to achieve producing better quality water that has more contaminants and deposits removed than other filtration systems that use only one type of carbon in their filtration system. EvoClear uses a special blend of coconut shell carbon, a type of carbon with a micro-porous surface, increasing the surface area for what’s known as the best water filtration system.

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo is also reusable for life. This means that EvoClear guaranteed that customers will ‘never have to replace a tank, valve or even reinstall a completely new system’ after purchasing their initial EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo system. The only thing that most customers have to do is replace the filtering media inside, once it reaches its overall capacity.

Of course, EvoClear has made it easy for customers to replace the media by designing the product to have a replacement time of under 30 minutes. Customers only have to disconnect the tank, take off the valve, take out the expired media, refill the tank and reconnect the entire system. It’s just that easy—and it’s pretty much the best water filter system for those who need something that easy to manage.

An In-Depth Look

The technology used in the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo is part of the reason why it just works as a great home water purification system.

To further explain that, take a look at other water filters. These filters use what’s known as reverse osmosis, which is an incredibly effective way to remove many elements that reside within water. It’s too effective at filtering water, however, since it can strip many of the essentially minerals that we need.

The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo doesn’t strip out those essential minerals. Using EvoClear’s refined carbon filtration system, essential minerals are left behind while other elements like chlorine, chlorine and other contaminants are extracted out.

The Granular Activated Carbon filtration system that EvoClear uses in all its water filtration products is the best way to provide nutritious filtered water to a home.

It also helps that EvoClear takes the time to blend their carbon media to match the residential location of customers. That means that customers will get a product that matches their exact needs at their home, especially if they need a product that will effectively filter the untreated water in their water supply.

With its efficient up-flow design, the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo doesn’t waste any water through back-washing, a process that can waste hundreds of gallons of water throughout the month.


Homes with potentially contaminated and sediment-filled water needs a solution to purify their water and make it suitable for regular use. The EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo is one of the best water filter systems, since it can perform both without compromising power, water or even money that people have to invest in water filtration.

The Best Water Filter For Your Home

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