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Water Filter Reviews - What Are The Best Filters?

EvoClear Water – EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter Review

Did you know? According to many water filter reviews, taking a drink of water from tap might expose your and your family to harmful contaminants that unfortunately get caught in your plumbing system over time.

Drinking bottle water isn’t entirely safe either, since most people don’t know whether bottled water is filtered to ‘high quality standards.’ Even if you don’t realize it, it’s likely the better choice to use a water filtration system to ‘cleanse’ your water of harmful contaminants and deposits.

Water Filter Reviews - What Are The Best Filters?

The EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter is a simple solution to the problem of getting high quality filtered water from the comforts of your own home.

Other water filter systems do filter water directly from tap, but they have the issue of breaking down after a while—and that’s something that a lot of families have experienced. Bottled water, although a solution to getting filtered water at home, is expensive to invest in every week, and might not even be filtered to the quality that the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter provides.


Though, why does the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter work so well as a filter water system for the entire home? To start, the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter is known to deliver quality filtered water that exceeds the quality of bottled water.

This carbon filter-outfitted water purification system can remove harmful contaminants from tap water, producing clean water that’s safe and ready to use around the home.

It also has the benefit of being carefully custom-built by a company that cares about getting quality water into homes around the world. Thanks to that, EvoClear ensures that all of their water filtration systems, including the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter, are always environmentally friendly and incredibly safe to use in the home.

Even though it’s a high quality drinking water filter system, it’s also inexpensive—and makes a great investment in the home, especially if you and your family drink water directly from tap.

The use of the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter isn’t the only beneficial aspect of this drinking water filter system.

This inexpensive water filtering system is known to remove major contaminants like trihalomethanes (THMs), chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides, industrial solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and synthetic organic compounds (SOCs). That only covers a small spectrum of known contaminants that it can remove, as the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter is known to remove hundreds of known contaminants that can reside in unfiltered water.

How Does It Work?

Although the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter removes hundreds of harmful contaminants from water, it’s also important to learn about how the system works from water filter reviews.

In stage one, the water that flows through the plumbing reaches the blue sediment pre-filter, which helps remove silt, debris and sand that remains in the water. Like many EvoClear water filtration products, this filter features a 5-micron replaceable filter that can trap the smallest particles within water. EvoClear expects users to change this filter within three months of regular use.

In stage two, the water enters the main large tank where the water accumulates. This tank harbors granular media that’s also known as Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), a type of carbon that’s recognized by the EPA as the best method to effectively reduce contaminants. EvoClear filters are always pre-loaded with a fine blend of high grade coconut shell activated carbon. They even custom blend carbon media to match a customer’s location-based needs.

In stage three, the activated carbon media will sieve the water and product purified water that’s free of contaminants. The media removes contaminants like the aforementioned chlorine, pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents and more unregulated contaminants. Following this stage, the purified water enters every tap in your home for use.


Did you ever want high quality water to flow throughout your home, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money? Tired of purchasing bottled water in bulk every month? The EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter is designed to help people like you get filtered water on a regular basis without spending too much money or time on water filtering systems.

With zero maintenance and an installation process that lasts less than an hour, the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter might be the water purification system that you’re looking to purchase. According to the many water filter reviews about the EvoClear Whole House Carbon Filter, you just might be making the right choice.

Water Filter Reviews - What Are The Best Filters?

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