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Most people now opt for bottled water instead of tap water at home because tap water typically contains a lot of contaminants. However, whole house purification systems can make your tap water fresh and safer for drinking. Most purification systems have easy installation and maintenance, ensuring that your family’s health is not compromised through water impurities.

Whole House Purifiers

Whole house purification systems are used to remove impurities from the water entering into your home. They are typically installed in the main water line supplying your entire home to eliminate particles and sediment from the water. If you’re using other types of filters in other places, a whole house purifier can act as a particulate pre-filter.

The EvoClear whole house purification system will remove all sorts of impurities from your water, making it 100 percent safe for consumption right straight from the tap. EvoClear technicians in your locality can customize the purification system to treat a particular color, taste, and odor that is unique to the area you’re staying. Based on a water analysis report of your water supply, our technician will recommend the best purification system for your needs.

Benefits Of Using EvoClear Purification Systems

Tap water may become cloudy due to a host of impurities, especially sediment. However, EvoClear whole house purifiers eliminate dirt, clay, silt, and more types of impurities that may contaminate your water supply. The purifiers are designed to filter water at various levels, with each level eliminating a particular size of particle. At the end of it all, you end up with pure, clear water that’s safe for drinking.

EvoClear whole house purifiers are also designed with carbon filters that remove unpleasant odors and taste due to chemicals such as chlorine. These advanced filters also work to rectify most discoloration problems.

Whole House Purifiers

Also, water with a low pH (acidic water) is not only harmful to your family’s health but also to your piping system and porcelain fixtures. The highly acidic water eats away at the metal pipes and other unlined appliances, resulting in blue stains. EvoClear filters reduce these stains by neutralizing acidic water.

EvoClear whole house purification systems are designed to the highest standards that meet all relevant safety standards and are certified by third-party bodies.

What Type Of Water Purifier Is Right For You?

When it comes to water purifiers, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Each home has unique purification needs based on the type of water supply and the usage. Residential water supply needs differ from commercial water needs, so each of the two settings would need a specific type of purifier.

It’s worth saying that no purification system can make water 100 percent to drink. However, all good purification systems are designed to eliminate the majority of impurities that can be potentially dangerous to your health and to the safety of your appliances.

The types of purification systems below are the most commonly used ones for home purification needs. You can choose a system based on what you want to eliminate from water.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems – Purification systems that use reverse osmosis pump water through a porous membrane that acts as a fine filter. RO systems trap chemicals such as sulphates, chlorine, heavy metals, chlorides, pharmaceutical chemicals, and more. The downside to RO systems id that they waste a lot of water for every gallon of water filtered.

Carbon Filters – Systems that use carbon filters pump water through carbon (a porous substance) and the impurities in water will be absorbed by the carbon. Carbon filters trap chemicals such as chlorine by-products, PCBs, pesticides, radon, certain bacteria, solvents, herbicides, and lead, among others. Carbon filtering systems are sometimes used in conjunction with RO systems for increased purification.

UV systems – Ultra violet systems eliminate germs such as bacteria from water. There are both countertop and whole house UV units. It’s recommended to use UV system with a carbon filtering system for enhanced purification.

Distillation systems – Distillation systems are not very practical for home water supplies. As the process name suggests, distillers boil and condense water. They are mostly designed as countertop systems. These systems can eliminate heavy metals, microbes, mercury, lead, and dissolved solids. However, they use a lot of energy and give off a lot of heat. Distillers also need to be cleaned regularly, making them expensive to maintain.

At EvoClear, we’ll advise on the best water purification solution based on your home needs.

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