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Whole House Water System - Avoid The Scam

The Easiest Way to Have Soft, Clean Water

We all know that the water that enters our homes is hard, and filled with chemicals, contaminants, and impurities that can cause appliances and plumbing to break down over time.  The answer to these problems is a salt free whole house water system.

Many of us deal with both hard water, and water that is filled with impurities.  While you can purchase filters that will take care of the chemicals and contaminates, those do nothing to help soften the water.  You can choose a whole home filtration system that will provide you with water softening and filtration, without having to worry about purchasing filters or salt every few weeks.

Salt Free vs Salt Water Softeners

While salt-based water softeners have been popular for many years, they do have their issues.  One of these is that they remove too much of the calcium and magnesium that we need from our drinking water, while also adding harmful amounts of sodium.  When you choose a salt free whole house water system, you are able to ensure that you and your family are getting the proper minerals needed from water, without adding any unnecessary or environmentally unfriendly salt.  Salt free systems also do not require you to purchase those heavy bags of salt each month, making them budget friendly and easier to use.

Salt water softeners also require a weekly backwash so get rid of the impurities in the media.  Whole house water filtration systems like the EvoClear Filter/Salt-Free Softener Combo do not require this backwashing, saving you from wasting gallons of water each week.  Additionally, the media that is in this system is designed around the water in your area.  This adjustment of the media types ensures that your water is cleaned and softened as much as possible, providing you with the best water you have ever had in your area.

Whole House Water System - Avoid The Scam

Benefits of a Whole House Water System

In addition to helping you provide healthier water for your family, these whole house systems also get rid of the lime scale that occurs with hard water.  This scale builds up in your water using appliances, and can cause serious damage to your plumbing.  These systems help you save money on repairs, and help ensure that your appliances last longer since they do not get gunked up with lime scale build up.  Whole home water filters also help you save money over the faucet filters.  Those filtration devices require you to replace the filter after a few months, but the truth is, they typically stop working as effectively within a few weeks of use.  Plus, faucet attached filters do not protect your appliances or plumbing.

Do You Need a Whole Home Water System?

It can seem overwhelming when you are considering the best types of water filtration and softening systems available, and whether you even need a whole house filter.  If you live anywhere where the water is provided by a municipal water district, you are likely to have both hard water and contaminates.  Even though the water districts do try to provide safe water, they are not able to prevent the additional chemicals that result from treating the water.  If you want to determine whether your faucets and appliances are being affected by hard water, look at the fittings and plumbing fixtures.  If you have hard water issues, you will see a buildup of lime scale, showing that you have hard water.

Another great way of determining whether you would benefit from a home filtration system is to smell your water.  Chances are, you will be able to detect a distinct odor due to the chemicals and contaminates.  If you want to test whether your water does have an odor, consider purchasing a bottle of water and comparing the smells.

Finding a Home Water Filtration System

One great way of determining the best water filtration for your home is to check out a site that provides a whole house water filter review section.  This will help you see what other homeowners have discovered in their journey to find a whole house water system that actually provides them with safe, soft drinking water without using a salt based unit. 

Whole House Water System - Avoid The Scam

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